INTERJOSPAL ,S.L. invests in the development of new biostimulant products with low environmental impact and WASTE ZERO for the fight against pests and diseases.

Our investment in R & D & I responds to the demand of consumers to produce healthy food to face some of the most important challenges facing global agriculture in the coming years, for example the feeding of a growing population that it requires increases in crop yields, which can be encouraged by biostimulants. Extreme temperatures, lack of water, salinity and other types of stress related to climate change require resistant crops to optimize their yields.

The IONIC TM de INTERJOSPAL product line from Interjospal increases the tolerance of plants against the adverse effects of abiotic stress, helping to protect and improve soil health, promoting the development of beneficial soil microorganisms. A healthy soil retains water more effectively and resists erosion better, and can improve the quality parameters of fruits and vegetables. Higher quality means greater benefits for farmers and healthier and more nutritious foods for consumers