Services / Research Stations

INTERJOSPAL has two technical offices, one in Algiers, which covers the North African market and other one in Amman, covering the Middle East.

In addition INTERJOSPAL has four research stations for tests and trials of our new products in several vegetable crops grown in our stations located in Almeria, Algeria and Jordan Valley also engaged in research on vegetable crops grown in organic soils, varieties, biological control, weed control, insect control, disease control, nutrient management and other production practices.

Our experimental stations are run by professional agronomists that help our customers with technical studies and test reports from our wide range of products. Their information is very important for the development of new products according to the needs of farmers.

As a result, INTERJOSPAL has increased their export market with positive results, selling its products in the most demanding markets. Currently INTERJOSPAL enjoys a consolidated commercial network of professional distributors of good reputation and experience in Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa to ensure the availability of INTERJOSPAL´s products to the importers in 15 countries.

The staff of the export division located in Almeria is in daily contact with customers in international markets and a commitment to respond to the Department of R + D + I and the production unit, with suggestions and new trends occurring in the global fertilizer market, in order to maintain constantly updated list of products

Through mutual trust and friendly cooperation with local partners worldwide, INTERJOSPAL has secured a reasonable market share and growing in the field of plant nutrition products.