IONIC TM is the process of activating our bio-stimulant products using a SPECIAL FERMENTATION PROCESS (SFP) in order to obtain an extra energy source to the soil microorganisms stimulating their growth activity, causing an immediate high microbial and synergistic effect on the soil.

The benefits of this growth activity are: to improve the soil structure, to improve the water retention in the soil and to increase the fertilizer efficiency . For this (SPF), we have selected the best natural plant compounds , naturally derived through enzymatic hydrolysis from vegetative matter, extracting the natural active ingredients, which are cleverly combined in our specialties for the optimum nutrition of crops.

INTERJOSPAL invests in R+D+I with new special strains of microorganism which leads to A COMPLEX OF BIOLOGICAL and natural occurring bioreactions within the product and in the soil. That's ionized the macro micro elements and break down the organic molecules for fast absorption by the plant tissue.
Besides, it effect in producing enzymes, natural growth regulators, vitamins, amino acids and sugar for a healthy and productive crop.