Bio R+D+I / PRIMA Proyect


Research of innovative sustainable apple fertilization practices developed by INTERJOSPAL

The overall objective of APPLEMED is to develop innovative and sustainable cropping system of underexploited indigenous ‘Cukarinka’ apple in Croatia and its introduction of to Lebanon, Egypt and Algeria. Cropping system will include innovative ICT/IoT-supported irrigation and fertilization based on natural bioregulators and biostimulants.

This concept will help improving diet pour with essential phytonutrients in some Mediterranean countries, and provide raw material for apple cider and vinegar. Strategic objectives will support Mediterranean apple production, improve fruit production efficiency and sustainability, but also to contribute to the quality of Mediterranean agrofood value chain by supplying adapted cultivars of high nutritional value.

APPLEMED objectives will be achieved by 4 main building blocks:

  • 1.- developing training system
  • 2.- developing ICT/IoT-supported irrigation system
  • 3.- developing fertilization system based on bioregulators and biostimulants and
  • 4.- socioeconomic analysis and business modelling

Project is designed to meet challenges of Section 1 call – Farming Systems 2018 since its results will, beside revitalization of underexploited indigenous apple 'Cukarinka', have significant synergistic effect on preservation of water resources and soil quality, decreased pesticide use (ICT/IoT-supported irrigation and fertilization techniques based on bioregulators and biostimulants). This will increase farmer’s income and preserve agro-ecosystems integrity and services. Important aspect of project is integration of cropping system with socioeconomic analysis and business models to be fitted into different socioeconomic situations prevailing in the Mediterranean. Project consortium are chosen among Universities, SMEs, NGO, as well as governmental bodies. They will join forces together in multi-actor approach to achieve project objectives.

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