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"Innovate to improve your crops" is the slogan that distinguishes us, and this is possible because we have a highly qualified and enthusiastic team, which always works to attend the needs of the fields, and solving the problems that our customers raise.
Since its beginning, INTERJOSPAL maintains its vocation to be a leader in the manufacture of products bound for agriculture, mainly plant nutrition products, organic soil improvers, humic acids, fulvic acids, amino acids, chelated microelements, biostimulants, deficiency correctors, organic phytosanitaries , etc.

At this time, INTERJOSPAL has not only continued to develop new high nutritional quality products, but also it has been very attentive to the changes in the global supply and demand for fruit and vegetables, as it is demonstrated with continued international commercial actions during this time.
INTERJOSPAL is a privately owned corporation headquartered in Almeria, a privileged place on the southeast of Spain, in full agricultural expansion with a long tradition of agricultural and trade, and perfectly communicated. Nowadays, Almeria is well known in the international market of fruit and vegetables, exporting their products to all around the world.
In this way, today we have a large and qualified organization. We have own technical offices and research stations in Spain, The Middle East and North Africa.

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